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The lack of budget For investment in new technologies is not an exclusive problem of small and medium enterprises. Large companies also have difficulty approving the budget for some solutions, and this happens because IT and IS often don't speak the same language as the business, and often fail to show the return on investment in the solution.

Managers know that the technology is a competitive differentiatorBy bringing innovation and efficiency to the organization, on the other hand, often the investment required is high and the return time consuming. So what can you do to survive? The answer is to understand the business.

An area of technological innovation within the company requires a lot of money and is not the reality of everyone. But to innovate is to see new possibilities, aligned with the company business objective, which can be easily viewed using specific technologies. No manager has any doubt that IT helps innovate and accelerate business. For example, when a tool makes it possible to see all corporate bottlenecks and where they occur, it is much easier and faster to make decisions, creating more value for the organization.


A study released this month by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), conducted with 246 CEOs from companies of various segments, sizes and different regions of the world, showed what was the main constraint faced to innovate, and 43% executives said they were financial resources, while 41% pointed to the existing organizational culture. That is, money is the big problem. Another revealing data showed that 18% opted for the inadequate technology response.

Technology is expensive, but it is necessary and, in many cases, indispensable. Often the only solution is to finance technology acquisition. This is why financing should be seen as an investment, not a bad debt. The market today works with a few possibilities, from retail banks to large manufacturers that have their own bank.

Before resorting to a particular form of hiring, the first step for the IT manager is to raise with the other areas of the business, including financial, business goals, tax plans, business plans, and more. Then determine the ideal type of financing for the company.

When the company has the budget for new technology, it is necessary to align whether the purchase will be in the CAPEX model, where the tool would enter as an investment in goods, or OPEX, where the costs would enter as operating expenses. The advantages and disadvantages of each model are entirely related to the business of the company, which may be good for one may be totally inappropriate for another.

For companies that have no budget but still want / need to invest in new technology, the market offers different types of financing. Ten years ago it would be impossible to talk about IT financing, as Brazil faced an unstable and high interest rate economy. Today, with the most stable economy, purchasing in the form of finance has been a reality among businesses worldwide.

The great lesson for managers is that they do financial planning before reaching the choice of vendor and solution. Many managers know the need, run after the ideal tools, but fail to approve the value.

If the manager has in mind the company's financial and business strategy, he can see the different buying options on the market and design a project that will not only bring results to the business, but can easily prove its financial return, investment tax impacts and improved efficiency. IT, as it will be equipped with the advantages and disadvantages of each purchasing model.

 * Umberto Rosti & #8211; CIO [SAFEWAY]


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