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São Paulo/SP – January 9, 2023. exploits are programs or codes used to exploit vulnerabilities in operating systems, software, hardware and services enabling the execution of cyber scams.

*By Renato Santos

exploits are programs or codes used to exploit vulnerabilities in operating systems, software, hardware and services enabling the execution of cyber scams.

In general, vulnerabilities exist due to a failure in the development process of the software, service, and even system architecture. usually a exploit is used for malicious purposes in executing codes that are inside a payload to retrieve password information, load viruses, stop a system and deny services. It is noteworthy that one exploit is not a malware itself, but one
means used by malicious people and cybercriminals to execute scams and gain access to the technological environment of your company.

Common types of Exploits:

exploits acquaintances: These have already been discovered by cybersecurity researchers and fixes for the vulnerabilities have already been found and applied through updates made available by the developers. There are databases of exploits known as the

Unknown exploits:
These are called zero day being more serious because they are created by hackers as soon as they discover a new vulnerability that is unknown to the system builders. When a zero day attack happens, developers have to race against time to discover the root cause of the vulnerability and release a patch update with the resolution of the problem.

What are the consequences after an invasion?

After discovering the vulnerability and running the exploit, there may be serious consequences such as:

  • Full access to the affected environment, with the possibility of executing techniques for escalating privileges and lateral movement;
  • Leakage of important and confidential documents;
  • Leakage of personal data and sensitive personal data of employees, customers, suppliers and business partners;
  • Sale of data on the black market;
  • Data hijacking, encrypting all files and demanding payment to get them back.

How to protect yourself?

Below we list some tips so that you and your company can protect yourself against this and other cyber threats.

  • Keep the company's systems always updated with the patches latest security features available from manufacturers;
  • Have an architecture of segmented networks in the environment, preventing the movement of the attacking agent in the event of exploitation by exploits;
  • Implement an IDS and IPS system to monitor the network, detect potential threats and respond to attacks;
  • implement a Antivirus EDR to monitor endpoints and servers to detect viruses and other types of threats, quickly reacting to attacks;

Final considerations:

In view of the current scenario regarding cybersecurity and the growing wave of attacks and cyber threats, it is essential to raise the level of maturity of your company's information security, considering both technological and procedural aspects and aspects aimed at raising awareness of your employees general way.

— Renato Santos is an Information Security Consultant at [SAFEWAY]


How can we help?

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In order to support companies in this process of evaluation and adaptation to the requirements of the LGPD, [SAFEWAY] has in its portfolio of services, the Cybersecurity Health Check whose objective is to carry out a diagnosis of the CyberSecurity, Information Security and Data Privacy implemented in your company, contemplating the pillars of Law SuitPeople and Technology.

through the Cybersecurity Health Check, risks associated with information security and privacy of internal processes and activities are identified, existing controls and new controls evaluated according to the size of your organization to increase the level of maturity and compliance, in accordance with good information security practices. If you would like more information, contact one of our experts!