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Security Mobile: Know and try solution for 30 days

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According to the study Mobile Vision 2020 From Forrester, 54% organizations will have deployed the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution by 2020.

Managing endpoints beyond your users and data is a time-consuming task with conventional mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobile management (EMM) solutions.

Smart IT leaders are turning to a cognitive unified endpoint management (UEM) approach that consolidates the management of smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, laptops, and IoT devices with their data and applications.


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Also download the infographic To understand why adding a comprehensive UEM solution to your managed services portfolio will help you with endpoint security challenges.

 Download the complete Forrester Mobile Vision 2020 report here



THE [SAFEWAY] is a widely recognized company as a provider of premium information security and cybersecurity solutions. From its extensive portfolio, we highlight several solutions, including those based on platforms:

● Archer da RSA Security, considered by the institutes Gartner and Forrester and by the market itself, the most complete process integration solution for Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and Business Continuity Management;

● [SAFEWAY] Security Tower, supported by IBM Qradar (Watson Technology), IBM Resilient, and other solutions tailored to each organization for their security and cyber defense management needs.

● And others, involving technologies ImpervaThalesTripwire and WatchGuard Technologies.

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